On December 22, the second graduating theologians in the history of the Bolgar Islamic Academy were awarded diplomas. This year out of 8 graduates four received diplomas with honors. Among the graduates three are muhtasibs of the districts of the Republic of Tatarstan, the rest work in the sphere of spiritual-educational activity.

In his speech Rector Farkhat Khusnutdinov expressed his hope that the knowledge and competence acquired at the Academy will contribute to responsible, qualitative and productive work of graduates in religious, educational and pedagogical activities.

“To be an imam, a theologian today means a lot of thinking, analyzing, constantly improving intellectually, searching for spiritual answers to life’s problems that worry people today. We live in a very vulnerable human civilization. It sometimes seems to us that we are so powerful. In fact, the vulnerability of civilization today is much higher than 100-200 years ago”, – said the rector.

Professor of the Academy, Director of the Council for Islamic Education, Rector of the Russian Islamic Institute Rafik Mukhametshin emphasized that theology is an important tool for socialization of Muslim religious figures and theologians.

Svetlana Aidarova, head of the theology department of the academy, also addressed the graduates with words of farewell, wishing that the acquired knowledge would be useful, and the graduates themselves would work tirelessly for the benefit of society.

Yermek Shakhmetov, a graduate of the academy, expressed his gratitude to the staff and professors of the academy.

“My deepest gratitude to the teachers and supervisors who have become reliable guides for us in the world of religious knowledge and Muslim culture. I would like to thank the Academy, all the staff for their hard work and dedication. I can proudly say that the Master’s degree has become an academic achievement and spiritual experience, which will help in serving the Ummah and Russian society”, – emphasized the graduate.

The event also summarized the results of the Arabic language Olympiad, which was held within the framework of the world Arabic language day.

Professor of the academy, doctor of Arabic philology Ahmad Sheikh-Mustafa, used the opportunity to thank all the staff headed by the Rector of the Academy Farkhat Khusnutdinov for the high level of organization of the event. The lecturer also noted that this year for the first time the employees studying Arabic language took part in the Olympiad.