• 6 Ramaḍan 1444


International Activities

The Academy’s international activities are an integral aspect of its development strategy. International activity objectives:

  • Forming of strategic partnerships and networking with major universities, research institutions, and organizations.
  • Recruiting foreign specialists with experience at renowned universities and research institutions.
  • Active international promotion of the Academy brand.
  • Accessibility to international standards and best practices in scientific and educational activity organizing in Russia and abroad.
  • Effective use of existing resources and the acquisition of new resources for the realization of priority areas of international cooperation.


International cooperation

As of August 3, 2022, the Academy has concluded 16 international agreements and memorandums.

Negotiations are underway to establish mutually beneficial interaction with Ez-Zitouna University, Islamic University of Maldives, International University of Islamic Sciences (Jordan).

Contacts are being actively made with Mohammed bin Zayed University, Al al-Bayt University and Bilad Al-Sham University in order to consolidate the provisions of the signed agreements and expand interaction. In July 2022, activities plan was signed to implement the previously signed cooperation agreement for the 2022/2023 academic year.


Work with foreign lecturers and students. To fully legalize the work of foreign lecturers at the Academy in 2022, a quota of 20 units for recruiting foreign lecturers has been formed. In this regard, efforts are being made to recruit new international experts in fiqh, aqidah, Arabic, and philosophy from the Syrian Arab Republic, Jordan’s Hashemite Kingdom, and Egypt’s Arab Republic.

Moreover, the Academy has submitted an application for 15 quotas for 2023.

Negotiations were held with educational institutions from a number of Islamic countries in order to attract Islamic sciences specialists to the Academy. As of the start of the new academic year, the following specialists will be involved in the Academy’s scientific and educational processes as visiting professors and full-time lecturers: Abdulrazzak Abdulrahman al-Saadi (International University of Islamic Sciences, Jordan), Hamdallah Hafez Mohamad Ibrahim (Al-Azhar University, Egypt), Anwar Ahmad (the educational institution Darul Uloom Alimia, India), and Badie al-Lahham (Damascus University).

The Academy managed to reach an agreement to include Said Fouda, well-known specialist in aqidah, methodology of scientific research and philosophy, in the educational and scientific process. His visits to the Academy as a visiting professor is planned for the new academic year.

An agreement was reached with A.A. Musinov, Deputy Secretary General of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation on Science and Technology, and A.D. Knysh, professor of Islamic studies, Faculty of Middle Eastern Studies, University of Michigan (USA), for possible visits to the Academy to become acquainted with its activities and to deliver lectures.

Close collaboration is maintained with the Institute of Asian and African Countries, Lomonosov Moscow State University. Planned is the visit of its director, A.A. Maslov, to the Academy in September 2022 to sign a cooperation agreement and deliver lectures.

Currently, five foreign lecturers work at the Academy on educational and scientific projects, while numerous other foreign lecturers work online. Furthermore, the work of international visiting professors is regularly organized.

List of international educational and research institutions with which the Academy has signed cooperation agreements:

CountryOrganizationDetails of the agreement (title, date, number, validity period)
Hashemite Kingdom of JordanAl al-Bayt UniversityAgreement on cooperation in the scientific and educational field, 18.08.2020, 5 years
United Arab EmiratesMohamed Bin Zayed University for HumanitiesMemorandum of understanding and cooperation, 13.07.2020, 5 years
Republic of AzerbaijanIdrak Public AssociationMemorandum on the main forms of interaction and cooperation, November 2019, 5 years
Republic of AzerbaijanAzerbaijan Institute of TheologyCooperation agreement, October 2019, 5 years
French RepublicParis Faculty of Islamic SciencesAgreement on cooperation in the scientific and educational field, October 2019, 5 years
United Arab EmiratesUniversity of SharjahAgreement on cooperation in the scientific and educational field, October 2019, 5 years
Republic of IndiaEducational institution Darul Uloom AlimiaAgreement on cooperation in the scientific and educational field, 11.09.2019, 5 years
United Arab EmiratesWorld Muslim Communities CouncilAgreement on cooperation, 04.09.2019, 5 years
Republic of UzbekistanImam Bukhari Research Center under the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of UzbekistanMemorandum of understanding, 29.08.2019, 5 years
Republic of UzbekistanInternational Islamic Academy of UzbekistanAgreement on cooperation in the scientific and educational field, 28.08.2019, 5 years
Republic of UzbekistanImam al-Bukhari Tashkent Islamic Institute under the Muslim Board of UzbekistanMemorandum of understanding, 28.08.2019, 5 years
Kingdom of MoroccoAbdelmalek Essaadi UniversityAgreement on cooperation in the scientific and educational field, 01.07.2019, 5 years
Syrian Arab RepublicDamascus UniversityAgreement on cooperation in the scientific and educational field, november 2020, perpetual
Republic of KazakhstanEgyptian University of Islamic Culture Nur-MubarakAgreement on cooperation in the scientific and educational field, november 2020, 5 years
Republic of KyrgyzstanKyrgyzstan Islamic UniversityAgreement on cooperation in the scientific and educational field, december 2020, 5 years