On 21 May, the V international Bolgar forum “theological heritage of Muslims in Russia” started its work at the Bolgar Islamic Academy. The event takes place with the assistance of the Fund for the support of Islamic culture, science and education.

the forum was attended by leading Russian and foreign theologians, Islamic scholars, theologians, religious scholars, historians, representatives of state authorities, scientific and educational organizations, employees and students of secular and religious educational institutions, religious and public figures.

Ildar Salakhov, Head of the Academy Staff, addressed the participants of the event on behalf of Rector Farkhat Khusnutdinov.

Rector of the Academy Farkhat Khusnutdinov in his greeting speech noted that the forum has become a productive platform for annual meetings, within the framework of which topical issues of development of the Muslim Ummah are discussed.

Mufti of Tatarstan Kamil khazrat Samigullin in his speech recalled that it was the Tatars who were the first Muslim nations to publish a printed Quran. This event took place in the Asian printing house in 1803. In memory of this significant event the day before a memorial plate was placed in one of the buildings of KFU University.

Deputy chairman of the spiritual administration of Muslims of the Russian Federation, first deputy chairman of the council of muftis of Russia Rushan khazrat Abbyasov read out the greetings of the chairman of the spiritual administration of Muslims of the Russian Federation, Mufti Sheikh Ravil khazrat Gainutdin to the participants of the forum.

Rector of the Russian Islamic university (Ufa) Artur khazrat Suleimanov, addressing the forum participants, recalled the words of the supreme mufti, chairman of the central department of Muslims of Russia, said at the meeting of The Russia-Islamic World strategic vision group: “theological Islamic universities and the system of spiritual education as a whole play an important role in realizing the common task of preserving and strengthening our traditional spiritual and moral values. Artur khazrat also noted the important role of the Bolgar forum in the study and comprehension of theological experience and spiritual heritage of Muslims in Russia.

Representatives of the Russian Orthodox Church took part in the plenary session of the forum. Thus, Hieromonk Gregory Matrusov, chairman of the expert council under the Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia on Interaction with the Islamic world, noted that today there are deeper and closer options for strategic co-operation between Islam and Christianity. Archpriest Alexei Kolcherin, First vice-rector of the Kazan Orthodox Theological Seminary, read out the greetings of Metropolitan Kirill of Kazan and Tatarstan.

Deputy director of the Fund for Support of Islamic culture, science and education Magomedbashir Albogachiev in his speech reminded the audience that “Russian Muslims are an integral and important part of the multinational people, the Russian nation”.

“We stand together for Russia’s identity, independence and sovereignty, including religious sovereignty. Our Fund will continue to help projects whose main goal is patriotic education, socialization of migrants, the fight against radicalism and terrorism. Our joint work is aimed at the benefit of the entire Russian society,” the speaker noted.

Albert Dirzizov, head of the department for interaction with religious associations of the Rais (Head) department of the Republic of Tatarstan for internal policy, made a welcoming speech on behalf of the leadership of the Republic of Tatarstan. He emphasized that the forum has become a notable event in the religious, scientific and cultural life of Muslims in Russia and urged the participants to direct their attention to the development of scientific partnership with the Muslim world.

The contribution of the Bolgar Academy to the study of the richest national theological heritage and the training of the modern pleiad of Muslim theologians was noted by Tawfiq Ramadan al-Bouti, professor of the faculty of Sharia sciences of Damascus university, doctor of Sharia sciences (Damascus, Syria).

The participants were also welcomed by the Advisor to the Secretary General of the World Council of Muslim Communities (Abu Dhabi, UAE): Hassan Al-Marzouki, Director General of the ICYF Youth Forum Rasul Omarov, Rector of Al-Zaytoun University Abdellatif Bouazizi.

Three events will be held within the forum: the international scientific and practical conference “VII Bolgar readings “spiritual heritage of Muslims as a basis for strengthening traditional values”, the international student conference “civil identity of modern youth: religious and educational policy in the context of socio-cultural realities”, the All-Russian conference “interreligious dialogue and traditional values in the era of global challenges”.