On February 8, a solemn event dedicated to the Day of Russian Science was held in Bolgar Islamic academy. It was attended by teachers, staff and students of the Academy.

Islam emphasizes the importance of acquiring knowledge. The Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) spoke extensively about the duty of seeking knowledge and the special status and role of scholars. Following these noble calls, Muslims today continue to make invaluable contributions to the development of many sciences. Now this noble endeavor is being continued by the Bolgar Islamic Academy, whose main mission is the revival of the national Muslim theological heritage.

Greeting the teachers and students of the academy, Rector Farkhat Khusnutdinov reminded that the Day of Russian Science was established in 1999 in honor of the 275th anniversary of the Academy of Sciences.

“We celebrate this day also in the Bolgar Islamic Academy, which was established as a scientific and educational center that implements a professional educational program of higher religious education at the master’s and doctoral levels, as well as conducting research in various branches of Islamic theology,” the head of the academy stressed.

Today the academy is rightfully a universal and unique platform for a number of scientific events that unite domestic and foreign scientists and researchers.

In turn, Professor of the department of religious studies of the department of philosophy and religious studies of the institute of socio-philosophical sciences and mass communications of Kazan federal university Anatoly Pogasy noted that “the task of science is to sit in a secluded corner and observe, study the creation of God”. According to the researcher, scientists do not invent laws, but only cognize them using various methods.

Professor of the theology department of the Bolgar Islamic academy, deputy director of the foundation for support of Islamic culture, science and education Ali Vyacheslav Polosin addressed the master’s and doctoral students with words of farewell. Having conveyed the words of greeting on behalf of the Director of the Fund, he drew the attention of the audience to the fact that such theological direction as hadith studies is an example of scientific source study.

“There is no contradiction between religion and science. There is something that is given from above, that our intellect is not able to cognize, that science is not able to interpret, and theologians with spiritual and moral qualities do it. We should comprehend and develop sciences, it will be an adornment of Islam”, – summarized the distinguished professor.

The solemn event ended with the awarding ceremony for the winners of the competition among teachers, researchers and students of the Academy for the best scientific work and educational and methodical publication.

In the nomination “Best Scientific and Methodical Publication” the winner was Ali Vyacheslav Polosin with the work “Political Islam in Search of Earthly Paradise”, the 2nd place went to the teacher of the department of religious and humanitarian disciplines Hamdallah Safti with the work “Shariah norm regarding the pronunciation of the words “Sadaqa Allaahu al-‘Azeem” after the reading of the Noble Quran”, 3rd place was awarded to Sergey Melnik, senior researcher of the center for interreligious dialogue of the academy, senior researcher of the Institute of scientific information on social sciences  of the Russian academy of sciences.

In the nomination “Best Scientific Work” the places were distributed as follows: 1st place Sergey Melnik with his work “International interreligious summits in modern Russia”, 2nd place – teacher of the department of religious and humanitarian disciplines Robert Shangaraev with his work “Formation of new approaches in solving conceptual issues of Islamic theology in the Tatar theological tradition of XIX – early XX centuries””, 3rd place – Alsu Khasavneh, senior researcher of the center of Islamic heritage of the academy, and her work “Sufi practices and special prescriptions for women in the work “The guidance of mentors from the Shaikh of the Khalidi [branch]” by M.-Z. Kamalov”.

Within the framework of the celebration of the Day of Russian Science a round table “Crossroads of interaction: legal religious studies, theology and Islamic law” was also held.