From November 25 to December 2, employees and students of the Bolgar Islamic Academy had an internship at the Egyptian University of Islamic Culture “Nur-Mubarak” in Almaty.

During the week the Academy employees got acquainted with the administrative and scientific-educational process at the university, and master students took part in lectures and seminars on such disciplines as “Pedagogy of Higher Education”, “The goals of Sharia”, “Financial System in Islam”, “Explanation of Hadith Verdicts”, “Management System in Islam”, “Research Methods of Science”, “Deradicalization”, “Islamic Psychology”, “Modern Problems of Fiqh”, “Islamic Finance in Kazakhstan” and “Dagwat”. 

In the opinion of Ruslan Sayakhov, vice-rector for scientific activity of the Academy, all the tasks set before the staff and students have been fulfilled in full. Thus, the representatives of scientific and educational unit of the Academy got acquainted with the organization of work at the departments of Islamic studies, theology and religious studies of “Nur-Mubarak” University, and the students listened to a number of lectures on relevant topics.

“We find the experience of our Kazakh colleagues in building a system of Islamic education interesting. They managed to solve many problems by legalizing and recognizing Islamic education by the government. In particular, the Islamic studies program, which trains Islamic theologians, has been accredited by the government and graduates get official diplomas,” Sajakhov said.

The Vice-rector also noted that Masters and doctoral candidates of “Nur-Mubarak” university presented theses in Kazakh or Russian, and one of the options for graduate qualification work of undergraduates is a project work, when a group of students together prepares not just a textual analysis of the classic work, but also translates it into modern Kazakh. The scientific management is carried out simultaneously by two specialists – from Kazakhstan and Egypt.

“It is gratifying that our Kazakh colleagues appreciate the contribution of Tatar theologians to Islamic enlightenment. And luminaries of Tatar theological thought are still objects of research today,” Ruslan Sayakhov summed up the result of the week’s study tour, noting the need to further deepen cooperation.

In turn, Rustem Hilmutdinov, the Academy Assistant Rector, said that most of the faculty of “Nur-Mubarak” is represented by young professionals, professionals involved in their work and solving a variety of tasks set by the institution and the state. It is noteworthy that the university issues its graduates with state diplomas, and therefore there is high control of the educational process by the state.

Anvar Hazrat Khamitov, a third-year graduate of the Academy and muḥtasib of the Bavly district of the Republic of Tatarstan, noted the importance of teaching such a discipline as “issuing fatwas”. This is due to the fact that people turn to imams with a variety of questions, often extraordinary. In this regard, said Anvar Hazrat Khamitov, the experience of “Nur-Mubarak” University will be useful in practical work.

“The subject “Islamic finance in Kazakhstan” was of particular interest, because at this lecture we were able to get acquainted with the financial instruments used by Muslims in Kazakhstan, which to date are not widely developed in Tatarstan”, – shared his opinion Anvar Hazrat.

Also, according to Anvar Hazart, Bolgar Islamic Academy may adopt the experience of their Kazakh colleagues and introduce the “Dagvat” discipline, which deals with various aspects of missionary activity, into the curriculum.

The students’ respectful attitude toward each other was noted by Rinat Hazrat Yafarov, a second-year graduate student at the Academy and Deputy Mufti of Saratov Region. According to him, one of the strengths of “Nur-Mubarak” University is that it pays special attention to working with graduates and organizing joint projects.

During the internship, the delegation of the Academy visited the Central State Museum of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the Central Mosque of Alma-Ata.

At the end of the traineeship the Rector of the University “Nur-Mubarak”, Professor, Dr. Muhammad Al-Jindi and the Vice-Rector, Doctor of Islamic Studies Kairat Kurmanbaev presented the representatives of the Academy with certificates.