Since the new academic year the teaching staff of the Bolgar Islamic Academy was enlarged by an authoritative scholar of theology, Doctor of Islamic Sciences, Sheikh Anwar Ahmad Gulaom Mohiuddin al-Baghdadi – Dean of Dar al-Ulum Alimiya (India) and chief editor of the Arab scientific journal “Al-Mushahid”. Worth noting: over the past two years, this journal has published a number of articles by master’s and doctoral students at the Academy.

Since 2019, Sheikh Anwar Ahmad is a member of the Dissertation Council of the Academy, has repeatedly become a speaker of international scientific events organized by the Academy, in the status of visiting professor he has read such courses as “Methodology of Quran interpretation,” “methodology of hadith scholars,” “Analytical Tafsir ” and “Topical issues of Islamic law”. 

As a full-time faculty member, Dr. Ahmad will teach the following courses: “Methodology of Islamic Law,” “Philosophy of Sharia,” “Applied Islamic Law,” “Islamic Doxography,” “Quranic Studies,” and “Disagreements in Theological and Legal Issues: Theory and Practice.” He will also be responsible for supervising master’s and doctoral dissertations. 

His works include “The Influence of the Holy Quran on the Poetry of Abu Tammam” (2000), “The Orientalist Position on the Language of the Holy Quran” (2020), “The Blessings of Sufism in the Indian Subcontinent” (2018), and others.

Anwar Ahmad received his doctoral degree from Jamia Millia Islamia University, (New Delhi, India). His dissertation topic is “Crafts and Industry in the Holy Quran.”

Aynur Timerkhanov introduced the Sheikh to the activities of the Academy, spoke about the results of the admission campaign and thanked the lecturer for the fruitful cooperation.

“For the Bolgar Islamic Academy the arrival of Sheikh Anwar Ahmad as a teacher is a great mercy of the Almighty. After his classes within the framework of the project “Visiting Professor”, our students were very pleased to get knowledge in the field of Quranic Studies, it gave them an additional impetus and a certain incentive to study. The stay of a specialist of such level in the Academy is undoubtedly a great benefit in the effective solution of the strategic objectives of the Academy, above all, the training of highly qualified scholars of theology – the elite of the Muslim Ummah of Russia – capable of competing on an international scale by the level of their professional knowledge and competence”.

During the meeting with Aynur Timerkhanov, Sheikh Anwar Ahmad thanked the acting Rector of the Academy and, in his person, the whole staff for the warm welcome and expressed readiness to start work. The professor also noted a noticeable progress of students of the Academy in mastering the Sharia sciences, Arabic language, success in preparation and publication of scientific articles.