One of the main tasks of the Bolgar Islamic Academy is the revival of the domestic theological school. As part of this work, more than 200 scientific works have been published since 2018, including at its own printing house at the Information and Publishing Center, launched in 2021. Among them – textbooks and methodological manuals of the Academy teachers, collections of conferences and forums, scientific works of the staff and students of the Bolgar Islamic Academy.

Now you can read about the scientific and publishing activities on the Academy’s website in a separate tab “Scientific Works. This list of works will be regularly updated.

According to the head of the Information-Publishing Center of the Academy Ildar Shafikov, through the publication and distribution of scientific works and publications prepared at the Academy, the Bolgar Islamic Academy carries out educational activities aimed at creating a positive image of traditional Islam and the development of Russian identity among Russian Muslims.

In the near future the Academy plans to publish a number of scientific papers and monographs, collections of conference materials, speeches of faculty, staff and students of the Bolgar Islamic Academy.