Illustrated Tajweed is published; a book edited by Ibrahim Sabirov, graduate of Bolgar Islamic Academy and authorized representative of the World Organization for Hafiz of the Quran and Sunna under the Muslim World League. Sabirov began working on this book as part of his scientific research “The revival and development of the Quran hafiz school in Russia based on the scientific contribution of the world-renowned Quran reciter Dr. Ayman Rushdi Suwayd”, which he successfully defended in July 2021 while pursuing master’s degree at Bolgar Islamic Academy.

“I dedicate this book to all those who study the Quran and pray to Almighty Allah to make it the cause of facilitating this science and making it more accessible. I paid special attention to the reliability of information and the accuracy of definitions, used the knowledge of the first generations of scholars in this science, the achievements of phonetics and sound physics, resorted to illustrations explaining the structure of the organs of the speech apparatus, using different colors to highlight some of the concepts associated with tajweed and distinguish them from each other,” highlighted the author.

In turn, Ainur Timerkhanov, acting rector of the Academy, believes that Illustrated Tajweed is an important book for the development of the Muslim Ummah and domestic Islamic theology.

“It is heartwarming to see our graduates progressing, applying the knowledge and skills they gained at the Academy to their professional work, and striving to benefit Muslim community in Russia. This is a great benefit to the Academy because such graduates demonstrate that one can obtain adequate knowledge in the field of Islamic sciences in Russia and be successful in their professional activities,” said Timerkhanov.

The author of Illustrated Tajweed indicates that his work has already been translated into more than 28 languages around the world. The publication of the Russian-language version commemorated the 1100th anniversary of the adoption of Islam in Volga Bulgaria. It is also planned to print a gift version for students and teachers of madrasahs, universities, and the center for the preparation of hafiz of the Quran.

The book, which includes illustrations and videos of the scholar himself, explains and reveals the important rules of tajweed. Video materials can be viewed by scanning the QR-code found on the book’s pages.

“I hope that this work will be useful to the Muslim community, educational institutions, and teachers, and that it will be used as a reference book. Such work is extremely important and required for the preparation of deserving hafiz. There are also plans to publish a number of textbooks in the near future, which I hope will be discussed at Bolgar Islamic Academy and recommended for publication. We currently have over 25 manuals that provide a scientific and methodological foundation for the preparation of hafiz of Quran. The publication of all of these and subsequent works under the Academy’s scientific supervision will allow for the consistent introduction of uniform standards for the preparation of manuals and programs for hafiz of Quran in Russia in the post-Soviet space”, said Sabirov.