On 21-22 June, the Bolgar Islamic Academy hosted the defense of master’s theses. The majority of master’s theses were devoted to topical issues of Muslim law, Quranic sciences, history of Islam, hadith studies, and national theological heritage.

Today a graduation ceremony was held to award diplomas to master’s students.

Rector Farkhat Khusnutdinov congratulated all the graduates on this significant event and noted that according to many indicators the Academy is at the forefront of the development of national Islamic education system.

“Do not forget that only those who honor the traditions and precepts of our righteous predecessors can become successful in the field of religious service, but at the same time are open to everything new, ready to improve and deepen their knowledge. May the acquired skills give you an opportunity for further spiritual and scientific development, self-improvement and career development. I wish you to become guiding stars of the Russian Ummah and firmly follow the path of our Prophet (PBUH),” the Rector addressed the graduates.

The Class of 2023 is the fourth graduating class of the academy’s master of Arts programme.

“The main exam is still in the future – a lifelong exam, a test of competence and professional competence, the ability to take responsibility and make difficult but important decisions. Only those who are open to new things, ready to improve themselves, deepen their knowledge, increase their professional skills and apply the acquired skills in practice can become successful”, – Rector Farhat Khusnutdinov urged master students.

Mufti Rushan Hazrat Abbyasov, deputy chairman of the Spiritual Administration of Muslims of the Russian Federation, chairman of the final certification commission, joined the words of the head.

“This is your first step towards further engagement and deeper study of Islamic sciences. I hope you will still make a significant contribution to the development of Islamic theological thought in our country. After all, our mission is to revive the national heritage. There are all the necessary conditions for this in Tatarstan, in the Academy,” said Rushan Hazrat Abbyasov.

Ilfar Hazrat Hasanov, First Deputy Mufti of Tatarstan and Chairman of the Academy’s Founders Council, addressed the graduates with words of farewell. During his speech, he urged young people not to forget the saying of Prophet Muhammad ( PBUH), which says: “The servant of God will not move before the Creator on the Day of Judgement until he is asked about four things: about the life lived, about youth, about property and about knowledge”.

“I hope and prayerfully ask that the knowledge gained within in the academy will help you to pass life’s tests with dignity and become useful for our Ummah,” I. Hasanov expressed his wish to the graduates.

Welcoming words and good wishes were also delivered by Sheikh Ismail Bolbol, a lecturer at the Academy, and Dr Badih al-Lahham, a visiting professor at the Academy and associate professor at the Quran and Hadith Department of the Sharia Faculty of Damascus University.

“It is narrated from Abu Hurairah that the Messenger of Allah (PBUH) said: When a man dies, his acts come to an end, but three, recurring charity, or knowledge (by which people) benefit, or a pious son, who prays for him (for the deceased).

I hope that the graduates will utilize the knowledge gained at the Academy to serve the Islamic Ummah,” Sheikh al-Lahham admonished.

This year, two master’s students – Aslan Dzaurov and Magomed Salimov – graduated with excellent marks and received a red diploma. In addition to diplomas, the most distinguished master’s students received letters of thanks from the rector of the Academy. Thus, Ibrahim Khalatov was noted for successes in studies, and Movsar Khuchbarov – for participation in public life of the Academy. Nasimi Kurbanov was thanked for active participation in sports life, and Serzhan Andarbayev – for his contribution to the revival of the national theological heritage. Anvar Khamitov, Magomed Salimov, Aslan Dzaurov and Salikh Sitdikov were awarded letters of thanks for active scientific activity.