• 15 Muharram 1446


Summer school

Every year, we organize a preparatory Summer School for applicants with the goal of providing high-quality preparation for entrance tests and ensuring their successful completion.

The summer school has been successfully working since the inauguration of Bolgar Islamic Academy in 2017. Over 80 applicants from different parts of Russia and the world participate in the Summer School every year. Over 400 people have passed through the Summer School since its opening.
Applicants will be provided with free intensive training program (a demo version of the Academy’s educational process) during the Summer School: learning the Arabic language, history, culture, and sciences of Islam.
The Summer School’s main focus is on Arabic language and Islamic disciplines, which are taught by native speakers, foreign and domestic specialists.
In time that is free from learning, an extensive cultural, educational, sports, and entertainment program is organized, including a tour to Bolgar Museum-Reserve and team games

During the Summer School, the Academy covers travel,
accommodation and meals, as well as access to educational
and methodological literature, a library of sources and handouts
to ensure that each applicant has a comfortable environment
in which to prepare for the entrance tests.


The summer school lasts ten days (July-August),
after which the entrance tests begin right away.

The Academy includes a large prayer hall open around the clock for the convenience of Summer School participants, and the complex of the White Mosque is open for visits.
Applicants have the opportunity to consult with research supervisors to determine the topics of their research, develop the skills of writing a plan-prospect for future research work, become acquainted with the fundamentals of handling manuscript sources, and attend motivational meetings with spiritual leaders and representatives of science.

Classes are held in a subject-in-depth format for applicants to doctoral studies

The Summer School is an excellent opportunity to successfully prepare for entrance tests for all levels of the field of study “Training devotees and religious personnel for religious organizations”

Anyone who has submitted all of the required documents for admission to the Academy is eligible to participate in the Summer School

Regardless of the results of the entrance tests, everyone will gain a one-of-a-kind experience, knowledge from the best foreign and domestic teachers, language training, and a new network of acquaintance.
Participants of the Summer School are selected on a competitive basis. The organizing committee will send the selected candidates a letter confirming their participation.

The summer school takes place in person (early August), except for some lectures, which will be organized using videoconferencing.

To participate in the Summer School, you must submit a list of required documents for admission (in person or through the applicant’s personal account).