• 14 Dhu al-Ḥijjah 1445


Saifulla-qadi Bashlarov was a Dagestani public and religious figure, mufti, sheikh of the Sufi tariqas Naqshbandi, Shadhili and Qadiri, physician.

He was born in a Lak village, Nitsovkra, not far from Kumukh, Kazikumukh Khanate (now the Lak district of the Republic of Dagestan) in the family of a jeweler and gunsmith. He was educated at home before attending the mekteb and the Sogratl village madrasah. He belonged to the Shadhili Sufi brotherhood of the North Caucasus. He enrolled in the Tatar Islamic madrasah of Astrakhan in 1861 (according to other sources, in 1859), and graduated from a Russian 5-year school. He became acquainted with traditional medicine and mastered some herbal treatment methods. Bashlarov returned to Dagestan in 1867 to continue his studies at the Archib village madrasah, where he was taught by sheikh Mamma-Dibir Archiby. He enrolled in the Kudali village madrasah in 1869. At the time, he met and befriended Hasan Kakhibsky. On suspicion of involvement in an uprising, in 1878 he was expelled from Dagestan to the Saratov province.

Bashlarov moved to Astrakhan in 1894, where he worked as a neurologist while studying Eastern philosophy, Sufism, and Islamic law. He wrote books on Islamic studies and medicine, including Kanz al-ma’arif fi asrar al-lata’if, Maktubat Khalid Saifulla ila fuqara ahl Allah, and Da’irat al-ma’arif at-tibbiya. He was a mufti of Dagestan and the North Caucasus from 1909 to 1918, and a teacher at Madrasah Gaffaria at the Azimov mosque and Madrasah Muhammadiya in Kazan from 1914 to 1916. He died in May 1919 and was buried in the village of Upper Kazanishche (modern Buynak district).