• 14 Dhu al-Ḥijjah 1445


Dear applicants, students and guests of our website!

On behalf of Bolgar Islamic Academy, I welcome you to the pages of our web portal with the words of the traditional Islamic greeting:
السلام عليكم و رحمة الله و بركته
May the peace, mercy and blessings of Allah be upon you!

Bolgar Islamic Academy is rightfully the leading scientific and educational center, the highest link in the system of Islamic religious education in Russia, with all activities aimed at reviving domestic Islamic theological studies and developing domestic Islamic education.

The curriculum of the Academy is drafted in accordance with international experience in the field of Islamic religious education, scientific and educational activities are overseen by scholars, theologians, professors and lecturers from leading domestic and international Islamic universities.

The Academy is successfully implementing the educational project “Visiting professor”, with lectures being delivered by dozens of domestic and foreign lecturers from Egypt, Syria, Jordan, United Arab Emirates, Morocco, India, France, USA, Malaysia, etc.

The Academy’s scientific centers conduct active research: the Islamic Heritage Center is focused on searching, collecting, studying, introducing into scientific circulation and popularizing the works of prominent Russian scholars, while the Interreligious Dialogue Center studies and updates the historical experience and potential of interfaith relations, also the Scientific and Methodological Center for the Development of Islamic Education aims to develop methodological manuals with assistance from leading experts in the field of Islamic education and the implementation of additional professional education programs.

Our students and lecturers benefit from extensive domestic and international partnerships with over 30 leading secular and religious universities, including 15 foreign educational institutions, which provide them with high academic mobility and the opportunity to actively develop and realize their scientific and creative potential.
Deep theoretical knowledge, participation in research projects and grants, and the ability to develop and implement ideas in practice are all indicators of the high quality of Islamic religious education and the competitiveness of the Academy’s graduates in the Islamic world.

By preserving perennial, rather centuries-old traditions and developing the latest trends in the field of Islamic education and science, Bolgar Islamic Academy provides a solid foundation for the formation of human capacities: the elite of the domestic Muslim Ummah, true leaders capable of leading our Ummah.

On our updated official website, you can find all relevant information about the educational and research processes, as well as the latest news about the Academy’s activities.


Acting Rector of Bolgar Islamic Academy
Ainur Timerkhanov