• 13 Dhu al-Ḥijjah 1445


Interreligious Dialogue Center

The Interreligious Dialogue Center has been conducting research in the field of researching and updating the historical experience and potential of interfaith relations since 2018. Aside from research, one of the key areas of activity is cooperation, participation, and coordination in scientific and practical events aimed at developing humanitarian cooperation and strengthening interreligious dialogue.

Its purpose is to form, expand, and strengthen positive interfaith relations by incorporating interreligious dialogue models, making proposals for popularizing instruments of peace and harmony, and adjusting interaction practice based on monitoring, research analysis, and extensive research.


  • Studying international experience in religious and cultural public relations harmonization;
  • Enhancing the security of interfaith interactions, as well as the development of interethnic peace and harmony;
  • Preventing radicalism and extremism in the sphere of interfaith relations;
  • Scientifically pursuing a shared response to the global challenges of our time on the basis of interreligious dialogue, the potential for using theoretical interreligious research in the practice of interreligious relations;
  • Ensuring effective interaction with religious, state, educational, scientific, public organizations and civil society institutions on issues of interreligious relations, including the international level;
  • Broadening the dialogue between religions with the involvement of youth organizations, academic theologians, members of scientific, public, and business circles, secular and religious media, and doctoral and master’s students of Bolgar Islamic Academy;
  • Creating publications on the topic and then integrating the research’s findings into the teaching and learning process.

Main areas of activity of the center:

  • Coordinating, planning, organizing and carrying out scientific research and educational activities in the field of interdisciplinary study of the history and current state of interreligious dialogue;
  • Tracking and evaluating the state of interreligious relations;
  • Promoting respectful religious dialogue, showcasing the evolution and present state of religion in the Russian Federation through online electronic resources;
  • Studying the model of state-religious relations, the specifics of interreligious dialogue, as well as the scientific pursuit of the most efficient methods for upholding civil harmony and harmonizing relations based on the experience of Russian regions, spiritual, and value principles of the development of Russian statehood.

Contact us:

Elmira Sadykova – Head of the center

1A Kul Gali St., Bolgar, Republic of Tatarstan, Russian Federation.
Work hours: 8:00 ­– 17:00

Phone: +7 (843) 590-23-72
Fax: +7 (84347) 3-15-19
E-mail: Elmira.Sadykova@tatar.ru