• 8 Rabi' al-Awwal 1445


Gilman Karimov (October 1, 1841 – June 6, 1902).

He studied at the madrasah of the Nizhnie Chershily village, Bugulma district, Samara province. In 1867, he graduated from the madrasah of Chistopol. In 1870–1899, Karimov worked as imam khatib of the mosque and mudarris of the madrasah of the Minnibaevo village, Bugulma district. Karimov is one of the organizers of new-method madrasahs in the Middle Volga region, the author of textbooks for them.

In 1899, Karimov refused to leave the post of imam, and in 1900, he acquired a small printing house in Orenburg, after which he took up publishing. During Karimov’s lifetime, 27 books were published with a total circulation of 52.4 thousand copies. Karimov’s publishing house was continued by his son F.G. Karimov.