• 13 Dhu al-Ḥijjah 1445


Department of Theology

By decision of the Academic Council on February 28, 2020, the Department of Theology was established at the Academy in order to implement the field of study 48.04.01 Theology (profile: state-confessional relations in the context of Islamic theology).

The Department of Theology is one of the main educational and scientific structural subdivisions of the Academy that conducts educational, methodological and research activities. As a graduating department, it puts into practice the Federal State Educational Standard of Higher Education’s model of competence for the Academy graduates, which can be summed up as the graduate’s theoretical and practical readiness for professional activity.
The department’s mission is to prepare qualified professional theologians and experts in the area of state-religious relations. It also organizes and conducts scientific, educational, research, and international project activities in collaboration with higher education institutions in the Russian Federation and abroad.
Fields of scientific research of the department: important issues of theological knowledge and education.
At the department of theology work professors and researchers from federal universities and scientific centers of Russia. They have published textbooks: “psychology in the works of Muslim scholars, civil identity of Muslims in Russia, history of Sufism, and Muslim religious philosophy.
In order to meet its goal, the department’s efforts are directed toward resolving the following issues:
  • Modernization of educational technology and the introduction of promising models of organization of the educational process in the field of Theology;
  • Analysis, generalization and dissemination of best practices in teaching theological academic disciplines;
  • Continuous improvement of the quality level of teaching of basic and special disciplines to ensure the professional training of specialists with higher education;
  • Coordination of research work of lecturers and organization of research work of students;
  • Raising the standard of research by considering scientometric indicators that show how effective research activities are;
  • Participation in and application of research findings and other advancements to the educational process, including support for the implementation of higher professional and master’s education programs in accordance with federal and state educational standards related to the department’s research issues;
  • Ensuring that fundamental and applied science interacts with the educational process at all of its stages, including the use of joint research findings in lectures, the experimental framework for educational research implementation, and industrial and undergraduate practice;
  • Increasing the level of educational and methodological work by creating new curricula and programs;
  • Development of regional and international collaboration in the fields of science and theological education;
  • Implementation of working relationships with centralized religious organizations within the context of carrying out educational initiatives in the area of theological training;
  • Implementation of contracts, departmental involvement in work at international conferences, organization of international employee, student, and young scientist exchanges with specialized universities and laboratories around the world, as well as with international scientific and educational organizations and foundations;
  • Organization and holding of scientific and practical conferences, symposiums, seminars of various levels (international, Russian, regional), including for young scientists, taking into account the theme of the department;
  • Dissemination among experts of information regarding the department’s scientific research findings as well as achievements of domestic and international researchers in the study of theological issues;
  • Prevention of religious extremism and education of tolerant awareness of students;
  • Prevention of destructive phenomena among students based on religious differentiations and ramifications.

Contact us:

Svetlana Aydarova – Head of the Department of Theology, PhD in Education

1A Kul Gali St., Bolgar, Republic of Tatarstan, Russian Federation
Work hours: Monday to Friday, from 8:00 to 17:00

Phone: +7 (843) 590-23-72
Fax: +7 (84347) 3-15-19
E-mail: Svetlana.Aydarova@tatar.ru