On 24 May, within the framework of the international Bolgar forum “theological heritage of Muslims in Russia” taking place these days, a solemn signing of agreements with famous foreign universities took place. Thus, the rector of the Academy Farkhat Khusnutdinov signed a co-operation agreement with the Tunisian University “az-Zaytouna”, which is considered the oldest of the currently existing higher educational institutions in the world.

“Our agreement will be a gateway to goodness, an impetus to further develop relationships with other religious educational institutions,” Bouazizi addressed the audience.

A co-operation agreement was also signed with the Tajik Islamic Institute named after Imam Azam – Abu Hanifa Numan ibn Sobitha, represented by its rector Nusratullo Zokirzoda.

“Kazan has always been a center of dialogue and tolerance of representatives of different religions and nationalities. Today Tatarstan is rightfully becoming one of the centers of all-Russian and international events, and the capital of the Republic is one of the centers of intellectual Islamic thought in the entire post-Soviet space,” said Nusratullo Zokirzoda.

Another agreement was signed between Bolgar Islamic academy and the Jordanian international university of Islamic sciences represented by Salah Abu Alhaj, dean of the Hanafi Fiqh faculty of the international university of Islamic sciences, chairman of the international association of Hanafi scholars.

“We have 5 faculties, 5,000 students studying Shariah sciences. This gives a great opportunity for cooperation with the Bolgar Academy, which will allow us to fulfil our direct duties and benefit and improve the educational process,” Mr. Salah Abu Alhaj commented on the signing of the agreement.

Recall that the international Bolgar forum “theological heritage of Muslims in Russia” started on 21 may and will finish its work on 26 may. Within the framework of the forum there are such events as the international scientific and practical conference “VII Bolgar readings “spiritual heritage of Muslims as a basis for strengthening traditional values”, international student conference “Civil identity of modern youth: religious and educational policy in the context of socio-cultural realities”, All-Russian conference “Interreligious dialogue and traditional values in the era of global challenges”.