Staff and master students of the Bolgar Islamic Academy receive internship at the Egyptian University of Islamic Culture “Nur-Mubarak” in Alma-Ata. The delegation included the vice-rector for scientific activities Ruslan Sayakhov, assistant rector Rustem Gilmutdinov, deputy head of the Department of Education Gulnaz Hodzhieva and head of the Department of Public and Media Relations Rinat Nuriyev.

On the first day a meeting with the Rector of the University “Nur-Mubarak”, Professor, Dr. Muhammad Al-Jindi, who introduced the history of the university, and spoke in detail about the main directions and specificities of the educational process took place.

“Education at the university is carried out at three levels: bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral studies. We teach Islamic studies, Religious studies, Theology and Foreign languages. Teachers focus on the principles of science and research in the various Islamic Sciences, with particular emphasis on the Islamic Doctrine, Islamic Law and its foundations, as well as Islamic Philosophy,” said Prof. Muhammad Al-Jindi.

Muhammad al-Jindi also drew attention to the fact that the university provides instruction in four languages: Kazakh, Arabic, Russian and English. At the same time, there are some areas and disciplines, where the teaching is conducted exclusively in English.

Now the university has 2,000 students, some of them studying remotely.

“Our main task is to train qualified imams and preachers. In this regard, it is also important to pay close attention to the science of oriental studies,” al-Jindi concluded.

Vice-rector of the university, doctor of Islamic studies Kairat Kurmanbayev spoke in detail about the structure of the university, the existing projects and the employment of graduates.

“In 1993, during the official visit of the first President of the Republic of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev to the Arab Republic of Egypt agreements were reached to open a joint Kazakh-Egyptian Islamic institution of higher education. Our activity fully complies with the legislation of Kazakhstan,” he noted.

Dr. Kairat Kurmanbayev said that the number of students admitted this year is 707. A total of 21 teachers from Egypt work at the university. After graduation, graduates work as imams and are employed by religious institutions and embassies.

In turn, Vice Rector for for scientific activities at Bolgar Islamic Academy Ruslan Sayahov spoke about the activities of the Academy, focusing on the scientific and educational component. Ruslan Sayakhov also thanked the leadership of the “Nur-Mubarak” University for the warm welcome, expressing the hope that the internship would contribute to further strengthening cooperation in the sphere of Muslim education.

Academy staff for a week will get acquainted with the administrative and scientific-educational process at the University.  Graduates will listen to lectures and study in detail the specifics of the educational and training process.