On December 19, Bolgar Islamic Academy hosted an Olympiad, timed to coincide with the World Arabic Language Day, approved by UNESCO.

The annual Olympiad is aimed at improving the quality of training of specialists, stimulating interest in the Arabic language, culture and traditions of Arab countries, as well as to identify gifted young people and the formation of human resources for educational and research activities.

At the solemn opening of the Olympiad Ruslan khazrat Tagirov, vice-rector for scientific activities of the academy, addressed the participants with a welcoming speech. He noted the importance and significance of studying the language of the Quran for people dedicated to comprehending Islamic theology and the centuries-old intellectual heritage of the Muslim peoples of our country.

Arabic is among the top 5 most difficult languages to learn. You have an amazing opportunity – to receive knowledge from Dr. Ahmad Sheikh-Mustafa, Doctor of Arabic Philology. Therefore, show diligence and also try to achieve higher results,” Ruslan Hazrat noted.

It is noteworthy that this year not only master students of the Academy, but also employees of the university took part in the Olympiad.

 It is expected that the results of the Olympiad among students and staff of the academy will be summarized at the solemn event on the occasion of awarding diplomas to graduates of the Master’s degree program in the field of training “Theology”.