The new edition of the international scholarly journal Al-Mushahid includes an article in Arabic by Anwar Ahmad, professor at the Bolgar Islamic Academy and editor-in-chief of the journal. The journal itself is published at the Dar al-Ulum Alimiya Center (India), which is a major religious and academic center developing Islamic scholarship in Hindustan.

In his article, which begins the edition, the author describes in detail the work of the Council for awarding the degree of Doctor of Islamic Sciences at the Bolgar Islamic Academy, the requirements for a doctoral dissertation, and the procedure for the dissertation itself. Anwar Ahmad gives a positive assessment of the activity of the Council, noting that the Academy in its work adheres to high international standards in the training of scholars of theology.

“Bolgar Islamic Academy is considered the most important institution of higher education in Russia, which teaches such disciplines as the doctrine, the basics of Islamic law, hadith studies, Quranic studies, exegetics, Sufism, Arabic and others. As for the actual defense of doctoral dissertations, in Russia this process has a number of differences from similar procedures in the Arab countries and India,” Anwar Ahmad notes in his article.  

According to the author of the article, the defense of doctoral dissertations in the Bolgar Islamic Academy takes place at a high level, as a result of the efforts of the Acting Rector of the Academy Aynur Timerkhanov. Talking about how the defense of doctoral dissertations of Academy graduates was held on October 11, Anwar Ahmad stressed that Timerkhanov constantly seeks to develop and improve the Academy, including through a serious scientific approach to the defense of scientific research.

Separately in the article, sheikh noted the highly qualified composition of the Dissertation Council of the Bolgar Islamic Academy, including the professionalism of Russian professionals represented in it.

In his article, Sheikh Anwar Ahmad also quotes the opinion of the Chairman of the Council of Islamic Education, Rector of the Russian Islamic Institute and Kazan Islamic University, Professor Rafik Mukhametshin concerning the protection of doctoral dissertations. According to the author of the article, Mukhametshin considers the process of defending doctoral theses to be a positive and courageous scientific step, which “will be written in letters from the light for the Academy, which each time is better and better defended with the participation of all respected scientists from around the world”.

Sheikh Anwar Ahmad concluded his article with words of gratitude and blessings to all who participated in the doctoral thesis defense.

“I am sure that such a high level of organization of the work of the Dissertation Council allows the Academy to move forward and develop,” Sheikh stressed.

Recall that on October 11 within the walls of the Bolgar Islamic Academy the defenses of dissertations of doctoral students of the Academy took place: Mufti of the Republic of Tatarstan Kamil Hazrat Samigullin and editor-in-chief of the publishing house “Manara” Salim Gainullin.