On February 8, the traditional meeting of the staff of the academy was held at the Bolgar Islamic academy, where rector Farkhat Husnutdinov made a report on the results of activities in 2023.

The head of the academy thanked the staff and employees for the productive work in the past year and noted that in the academy work specialists who are passionate about their work.

“To date, 141 students from 29 regions of the Russian Federation and 5 countries of near and far abroad are trained at the academy. Year by year there is an expansion of the geography of students. A certain role in this is played by the close cooperation of the academy with spiritual administrations of Muslims, Islamic educational institutions of Russia and neighboring countries”, – emphasized Farkhat Khusnutdinov.

One of the significant achievements was the allocation by the Ministry of science and higher education of the Russian Federation of 8 study grant places for the academy within the control enrollment numbers in the specialty “Theology” in the Master’s degree program for the academic year 2024/2025.

Over the past year, the academy hosted dozens of scientific, educational and enlightening events aimed at consolidating the intellectual potential in the revival and popularization of the national theological heritage. Especially worth noting are the annual traditional V International Bolgar forum “Theological heritage of the Muslims of Russia”, the III international scientific and practical conference “Islamic theology in the modern education system: problems and prospects”, the VII preparatory summer school for applicants “Muslim Theologian: New Generation”.

“Also for the first time the academy held a scientific and methodological seminar “Formation of research competencies in the system of Muslim religious education”, the main purpose of which was to get acquainted with modern methods of research activity, exchange of experience, as well as to discuss practical steps to improve research competencies of students within the domestic system of religious education”, – said the rector of the academy.

Another significant event in the past year was the registration of the electronic publication ” Vestnik of the Bolgar Islamic Academy”.

Separately, Farkhat Khusnutdinov emphasized the growth of students’ activity, who began to position themselves more in the scientific and social and leisure life of the academy and Muslim organizations of the country.

At the end of his speech the rector reminded that the main task facing the Academy is to provide training of modern competitive religious figures capable of uniting the Muslim Ummah of Russia in the name of ensuring steady and progressive development of our multinational country.  

In turn, Rustem Gilmutdinov, vice-rector for educational activities of the academy, emphasized that thanks to the support of the founders, as well as regional and federal authorities, the Academy is successfully functioning and in 2023 there were historical events in the life of the Academy. Thus, the deputy secretary general of the organization of Islamic cooperation Ahmad Kaves Sengendo, Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia Kirill, the first President of the Republic of Tatarstan, State Councilor of the Republic Mintimer Shaimiev and others visited the Bolgar Academy. Rustem Gilmutdinov noted that these events confirm the special role of the Academy within the system of religious education in Russia.

Fargat Mukhametov, Head of the Spassky municipal district of the Republic of Tatarstan, also addressed the academy staff. In his report he noted positive changes for the past year and announced plans for further improvement of life in the municipal district, as well as congratulated teachers, staff and students on the Day of Russian Science.

The event ended with awarding a number of employees of the Academy with commendations and honorary diplomas for successful activities in the past year.