On June 20, documents admission to enroll for master’s and doctoral programs in Bolgar Islamic Academy has begun.

For admission to master’s program, it is required to have a bachelor’s degree from a secular or religious higher education institution, as well as advanced proficiency level in Arabic and awareness of the fundamentals of Islam. Education in master’s programs is only full-time and its duration is 3 years. Admission tests are held in three stages:

– Test in Islamic sciences;

– Dictation in Arabic;

– Interview with the examination committee on knowledge of the basics of scientific research activity.

For admission to doctoral program, it is required to have a higher education master diploma from a secular or religious higher education institution or a higher education specialist diploma from a secular or religious higher education institution (Russian or foreign). The duration of study is up to 3 years. At the admission tests, applicants enrolling for doctoral program are tested in Islamic theological disciplines; they are also required to defend dissertation abstract on the topic of their future doctoral dissertation before the examination committee.

Documents required for admission:

– Application form for master’s program (download);

– Application form for master’s program in the field of Theology (download);

– Application form for doctoral program (download);

– Personal details form (download);

– Academic certificate (copy);

– Letter of recommendation (from a centralized religious organization, a higher Islamic educational institution or a government body that interacts with religious associations) (download form);

– Passport (copy);

– Individual insurance account number;

– 6 photos 3*4 cm;

– Medical clearance 086/у.

Documents can be submitted at: 4th floor, 27 Nazarbayev St., Kazan, Republic of Tatarstan, Russian Federation. You can also submit documents via email: priem@bolgar.academy.

Deadline for submission is August 1. Admission tests start on August 3.

A preparatory summer school for applicants will be organized, as is standard practice, from July 25 to August 2. The summer school will include classes with the Academy’s best lecturers and visiting professors, including Abdurrazak as-Saadi, Ahmad Sheikh-Mustafa, Saif al-Asri, Muhamad Ayman al-Zahrawi, Adham Farraj, and others.

For questions and further information, please contact the head of the department for organizing applicants’ admission and graduate employment, Aidar Karibullin, by phone: +7 (987) 215-06-07, +7 (843) 590-24-29. You can also send an email to the admissions committee: priem@bolgar.academy.

To submit your application for enrollment in Bolgar Islamic Academy, please follow the link: https://forms.gle/Lcphx9oUQVwMoaci6.