Admission tests for master’s and doctoral programs in the field of study: Training devotees and religious personnel of religious organizations were held from August 3 to 5. The program of admission tests for applicants entering the master’s programs included testing in Islamic sciences, a dictation in Arabic and an interview on the basics of scientific activity. Applicants to doctoral studies needed to pass a test in Islamic sciences and defend an essay on the proposed topic of their scientific work in Arabic.

Admission tests for the master’s degree in the field of study: Theology (profile: State-confessional relations in the context of Islamic theology) will be held on August 9 and 10. An examination committee made up of eminent domestic scholars and experts in the sphere of state-confessional relations will interview applicants and test them on their knowledge of interfaith relations.

The Academy’s website will soon provide access to information about the results of the admissions tests.

It is important to note that the preparatory summer school for applicants took place within the Academy for ten days. Applicants attended lectures on subjects like the interpretation of the Holy Quran, Islamic sciences, and the history of Islam in Russia. Additionally, a distinct block was set for practical training in Arabic in professional activities. The lecturers included Bolgar Islamic Academy lecturers as well as professor of the Academy and rector of Kazan Islamic University Rafiq Mukhametshin, visiting professor of the Academy sheikh Abdurrazzak as-Saadi, senior lecturer of the Department of Religious Disciplines at Kazan Islamic University Roman Ziyakaev, a graduate of the Academy.

Excursions to the Bolgar Museum-Reserve, master classes, practical classes on working with manuscript sources, and intellectual team games were organized as cultural and educational events for applicants.

The landmark event of the summer school this year was the presentation of the documentary film Ibn Fadlan, which tells about the journey of Ahmad Ibn Fadlan to Volga Bulgaria. The film was prepared by the Khuzur TV channel under the Spiritual Board of Muslims of the Republic of Tatarstan, dedicated to the 1100th anniversary of the adoption of Islam in Volga Bulgaria.