Within the framework of the internship held at the Bilad Al Sham university (Damascus), the staff and master students of the Bolgar Islamic Academy met with Mohammad Abdessattar al-Sayyed, minister of endowments (awqaf) of the Syrian Arab Republic.

According to Ruslan Sayakhov, interm vice-rector for for scientific activities, during the friendly conversation the Minister stressed that the problems faced by the clergy in Russia and Syria are much the same.

“The most dangerous challenge for the Muslim community is radicalism. We must understand that no matter how different people’s worldviews may be, this cannot be a reason for discord,” the minister said, stressing that education is the decisive factor in preventing the emergence and spread of destructive ideas.

It is worth recalling that one of the significant works of the minister of endowments (awqaf), Dr Sheikh Mohammed Abdessattar al-Sayyed is the tafsir of the Noble Quran “At-Tafsir al-Jami” which has been worked on for over 7 years. In this tafsir, Mr. al-Sayyed said, special emphasis is placed on the issues of modern society, such as the problem of peaceful coexistence between the bearers of different cultures, the problem of deformation in family matters, the topic of civil identity, the attitude towards women, the issues of preservation of peace, etc.

As a result of the meeting, Sheikh Mohammed Abdessattar as-Sayyed presented the Bolgar academy with several completed volumes of his tafsir and also signed a document authorising the Academy’s staff to translate the work into Russian for the benefit of Muslims in Russia.