The book by the teacher of the Bolgar Islamic academy, Sheikh Saif al-Asri, entitled “Pages and Lessons from the Scientific Preaching Life,” has been published. The book was printed by the publishing house “Dar al-Nur al-Mubin” in Jordan and was presented at an exhibition in Cairo, organized by the Egyptian Writers’ Affairs Administration.

At the beginning of his book, written in the genre of narrative and travel notes, the professor says that life is a school, and people are its students.

“A wise person is one who draws benefit from his past to rectify his future, and takes into account the experience of others. A wise person can be considered as someone who uses the experience of others, makes a plan, and adjusts their life based on the experience gained,” the author notes.

In the book “Pages and lessons from the scientific preaching life”, the role and importance of universities and other educational institutions in the social, political, and cultural development of Muslim countries are separately considered, as well as in the preservation of the global Muslim heritage.

In conclusion of his book, the author warns readers of a number of problems that may arise in the process of acquiring theological knowledge, particularly from education programs that do not form the correct structure of knowledge and provide education not within the framework of classical theological schools.

As Sheikh Al-Asri notes, this book, written in accessible language and intended for a wide audience, will contribute to the promotion of religious and cultural traditions of Russia in Arab countries and the strengthening of humanitarian ties between Russia and the Arab-Muslim world.