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Mufti of the Jordanian capital visited the academy

Mufti of Amman (Jordan), Doctor of Theology, Sheikh Firas Muhammad Garif Rashid Shahin visited Bolgar Islamic Academy. Sheikh was accompanied by a plenipotentiary representative of the Chairman of the Spiritual Directorate of Muslims of the Russian Federation in Jordan, 1st year doctoral student Rustam Hazrat Zinnurov.

Acting Rector Aynur Timerkhanov acquainted the distinguished guest with the history and specific activities of the Bolgar Islamic Academy, as well as its international activities. Today, the Academy has been cooperating with several prominent theologians from Jordan, including Abdurrazak Al-Saadi, professor of Arabic language and literature at the International University of Islamic Sciences and Education, Saeed Fouda, Doctor of Religious Sciences and Philosophy, and Ahmad Al-Qarala, professor at Al-Bayt University.

The meeting with Mufti Firas Shaheen discussed deepening cooperation, including organizing internships and a possible visit to the Academy by the Jordanian supreme mufti.

“We are trying to create opportunities for students to communicate with prominent theologians and scholars with extensive experience, to gain knowledge from different sources,” said Aynur Timerkhanov, expressing gratitude to Mufti for the visit to the Academy.

 Sheikh Firas Shahin delivered two lectures to the students, during which he familiarized them with the features of religious institutions in Jordan, and shared his vision regarding the qualities and competences a modern theologian should have.

“Undoubtedly, standing at the beginning is always difficult, but as we have seen, Bolgar Islamic Academy has a future if we constantly make efforts to prepare students and take care of their education. We advise students to work hard and work closely with their professors and to spend time not only on Shariah studies. May Allah guide you to what He loves!” – Sheikh Firas Shahin, mufti, shared his impressions and gave instructions to the students.