19 April 2021 г. (lo.day.1, 07 lo.mon.9 1442))

BOLGAR Russian Journal of Islamic Studies

Scientific journal of the Muslim religious organization spiritual educational organization of higher education "Bolgar Islamic Academy"

Published since 2020
Published in Russian, Arabic, English, Tatar

The “Bolgar” journal serves the revival and development of national theological heritage, creates a space for discussion and development of unified approaches to the conceptual issues of Islam, based on the country’s national interests and the centuries-old traditions of Russian Muslims.

The journal pays special attention to education and the creation of a positive image of traditional Islam, development of Russian identity among local muslims, counteracting destructive pseudo-religious ideologies, theoretical and practical development of national Islamic education system, the scientific understanding of culture and values of Islam, strengthening interethnic and interfaith harmony, harmonization of state-confessional relations.

Materials published in the journal undergo peer-review and expert selection.

The journal has the following sections:

  • Bolgar Islamic Academy: development and achievement strategy;
  • Important interview;
  • Islam and society in post-secular world;
  • Islamic education in Russia;
  • Islam in the dialogue of civilizations;
  • From the history of national theological heritage;
  • The art of interpreting texts in Islam;
  • Research;
  • Reviews;
  • Forums, conferences, seminars.

Chief editor:
Abdrakhmanov Daniyar Mavliyarovich, candidate of philosophy, associate professor, rector of Bolgar Islamic Academy (Muslim religious organization spiritual educational organization of higher education "Bolgar Islamic Academy")

1a Kol Gali st., Bolgar city,
Republic of Tatarstan, 422840, Russian Federation
Head of Information and publishing center
Abdulaev Valery Anatolyevich
Tel: +7 (843) 590 34 97 (1021)
E-mail: press@bolgar.academy