Another scientific project of Bolgar Islamic Academy is being prepared for publication

Another scientific project of Bolgar Islamic Academy is being prepared for publication

The next research project of Bolgar Islamic Academy is being prepared for publication - the essay of Riza Fakhreddinov “Religion Islam”, written by him in the 20s of the XX century. Bolgar Islamic Academy and the Institute of History, Language and Literature of the Ufa Research Center of the Russian Academy of Sciences carried out joint research work on the preparation of an academic edition of the work of USSR Mufti Riza Fakhreddinov “Religion Islam”.

Although the main version of “Religion Islam” manuscript, prepared in 1925 by Riza Fakhreddinov, was generally approved by the Council of Ulema of the Central Spiritual Administration of Muslims of Russia, an opinion was expressed about reducing the volume of the essay. R. Fakhreddinov, although he was against such a decision, was forced to obey and accept this recommendation. By 1928, he had prepared an abridged version of the essay, from which his extensive scientific comments disappeared. Also, on the recommendation of the Council of Ulema, a translation into Russian of the abridged version of the work was prepared. However, for unknown reasons, none of the options was so published during the life of Mufti R. Fakhreddinov. It was only in 1997 that the “Iman” publishing house in Kazan first published a Russian translation of the abridged version of the work “Religion Islam” without descriptions and comments, and in 2006 the researcher of Riza kazyi Anvar Khairi published the abridged version of the work, shifting it into the modern Tatar language, which led to deviation from the original text and its semantic changes.

The scientific novelty of the academic version prepared by the joint team of the two institutions in 2020 lies in the fact that for the first time the edition includes a facsimile of the digitized full version of “Religion Islam”, which the author originally wanted to publish. For the first time, scientific transliteration of the main Tatar text in Cyrillic has been performed, and an archaeographic description of all versions of the author's manuscripts “Religion Islam” has been made. This edition also includes a facsimile of the translation into Russian of the essay, made by an unknown translator in 1928.

In general, the work “Religion Islam”, written in a language accessible to most readers of that time, contains information about the essence of the religion of Islam, the moral and ethical qualities of a true Muslim, the ideal model of Muslim society and its relationship with the outside world. Considering the time of writing the work; the period of active displacement of religion from everyday life and public life, this work was undoubtedly unique in its task, the scale of its solution with the relative compactness of the work, the availability of language, the clarity of the author's judgments about Islamic values for understanding and perception them by simple Muslims.

The reader discovers and cognizes Islam with the eyes, thoughts and soul of Riza Fakhreddinov, Islam, the preservation and preaching of which he devoted his whole life.