16 October 2021 г. (lo.day.6, 10 lo.mon.3 1443))

The Centre of Islamic heritage of the Bolgar Islamic Academy

Islamic Heritage Center of Bolgar Islamic Academy

About the center:

Islamic Heritage Center of Bolgar Islamic Academy was established in 2018. The center conducts research work in the field of studying Russian Islamic heritage.


  • The main scientific activity of the Center is research and of Islamic heritage
  • The center is designed to help improve the quality of educational and scientific processes in BIA, the unification of intellectual, material and technical resources in carrying out scientific research in the field of studying Islamic heritage;
  • Together with the educational and scientific units of BIA, assistance in the development and implementation of basic and additional educational programs to study Islamic heritage in accordance with the direction of educational activities of BIA
  • Assistance in the preservation and development of traditional Islamic spiritual values, historically inherent in Russian people


  • Organizing and conducting fundamental and applied research in the study of Islamic heritage;
  • Assistance in preventing religious radicalism by popularizing traditional Islamic heritage of Russian people
  • Assistance in improving the quality of research work in preparing scientific and scientific-pedagogical personnel in areas related to the problems of BIA:
  • Attracting professors, researchers, doctoral students and undergraduates of BIA to research work carried out in the Central Research Institute of BIA
  • Use of the results of research and other developments in the educational process;
  • Assistance in attracting specialists from partner organizations to give special courses and supervise educational research, final qualification work, student practice and internship on the conditions determined by individual agreements concluded in BIA;
  • Maintaining and developing BIA's scientific ties with leading Russian and world Islamic heritage study centers
  • Popularizing scientific knowledge, assistance in conducting scientific and practical conferences of masters and doctors, master classes and exhibitions, developing methods and tools for motivation.