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Library of Bolgar Islamic Academy

Library of Bolgar Islamic Academy

Library of Bolgar Islamic Academy is a collection of books in various areas related to Islam. One of the main tasks of the library is to preserve directly the theological heritage, which will help in realizing the spiritual mission of Bolgar city and developing it as a scientific and theological center.

Library of Bolgar Islamic Academy sees its mission in helping to improve the quality of education and science by providing innovative library and information products and services to researchers, teachers, students of Bolgar Islamic Academy and its partners. The book stock of the library is over 15 thousand. These are books on Islamic doctrine, Islamic law, on Quranic sciences and the interpretation of Quran, hadiths and hadith studies, biography of the Prophet, as well as the history and biography of prominent Islamic scholars and figures, in linguistics, regional studies, literature on the themes of morality, culture, Islamic art, about traditions and customs. Books covers the whole range of traditional areas of Islamic sciences.

There is Islamic literature in Russian and national languages. The literary base of library will constantly increase and update, as this is only the beginning. The library is equipped with an electronic version of major Islamic libraries in the world.


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