16 October 2021 г. (lo.day.6, 10 lo.mon.3 1443))

For applicants

Opening hours and address of admissions office

Opening hours of admissions office
Monday to Friday с 09.00 до 16.30
Lunch break с 12.00 до 13.00
Saturday с 09.00 до 13.00
Questions can be asked by:
Phone +7 (843) 590-34-98

Addresses for submitting documents required for admission
Address for accepting documents

420111, 3a Gogol st., Kazan city, 420111, Russian Federation
Mailing address for sending documents

420111, 3a Gogol st., Kazan city, 420111, Russian Federation
Email address for sending documents online

The Academy does not accept applications and documents by email.

Executive secretary of admissions office of

Bolgar Islamic academy

Nuriev Rinat Salavatovich

Phone: 8 (917) 229 55 77

Video message by Ismail Hamdan Musa Bolbol, Palestinian professor, doctor of Islamic sciences and Arabic philology

“May the peace, mercy and blessing of Allah be upon you

I am a former dean and teacher of Islamic disciplines and Arabic language at al-Azhar University

I greet you on behalf of Bolgar Islamic Academy!

I appeal to everyone, including those studying in foreign Arab and western countries, thereby leaving the academy founded especially for you in Tatarstan.

The Academy provides training in various disciplines: Islamic law and its fundamentals, hadith studies, Quranic studies, interpretation of lawgiving ayahs, Arabic and English languages. Some classes are held in Russian. There is master’s degree and PhD programs.

I am not speaking out for the purpose of agitation, but rather, with advice, since the Prophet Muhammad said: "Religion is a covenant."

Instead of leaving the Russian Federation and other republics to go and spend large sums of money abroad, it is better to study here.

I advise all students from Tatarstan, wherever you are, as well as students from other Russian republics, along with post-Soviet republics, to choose Bolgar Islamic Academy for their further education.

Taking into account historical experience, namely the fact that Tatarstan is the region where Islam was first adopted, the students of the Academy are entrusted with the task of preserving the history of Russian theology and its heritage by studying manuscripts and studying Islamic sciences.

On behalf of this educational institution and all its teachers, I urge you to come here for training that serves the interests of everyone, so that the number of students in the academy would grow and thereby the scientific component would develop, which in turn will allow graduates to become scientists serving in the name of faith."

Video message by Muhammad Ayman Al-Zahrawi, Syrian professor, doctor of shariah sciences

The message is addressed to all who wish to get into Bolgar Islamic Academy.

“May the peace, mercy and blessing of Allah be upon you

Welcome to Bolgar Islamic Academy

Bolgar Islamic Academy is an educational institution that has a world level and is one of a kind. Education at the academy is carried out in Arabic, and the adopted methodology complies with the methodologies of Islamic sciences at world-class universities in Arab countries.

Here, based on a primordially correct understanding of Islam, you will study monumental works, including ancient sources, within the framework of Islamic law, hadith studies, interpretation, Quranic studies and Arabic language.

All knowledge in Bolgar Islamic Academy is transmitted in the form in which it was sent by the Almighty, and without any political or convincing influence.

Therefore, if Allah’s will is for it, highly qualified specialists will be graduated from this educational institution; scientists worthy of being a symbol of the Ummah".